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Zina Swanson

Zina Swanson Christchurch painter and sculptor  graduated from the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts in 2003 with a major in sculpture. Since then she has exhibited a number of large-scale sculptural works as well as several solo exhibitions of drawing. Her drawing and sculptural practices have plied the benign-malign dichotomoy of the organic world – fine plants, roots, tendrils and vines melding into or infiltrating human forms in a delicate, meticulously crafted investigation of a vaguely sinister ecology. Zina has exhibited widely in solo and group exhibitions throughout the country at galleries which include Robert Heald Gallery and City Gallery Wellington, Artspace Auckland, The Christchurch Art Gallery, Brooke Gifford Gallery and The Physics Room Christchurch.
In 2004 she won the prestigious CoCA/Anthony Harper Award with her elegant cylindrical tower of glass ampules reflected in a pool of mirror glass.  

The artist’s studio and all of her works and resources were destroyed in the Christchurch earthquake of February 22 2011.