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Sebastian Warne

Sebastian Warne is an artist and musician who lives and works in Christchurch, New Zealand. Having recently graduated from Canterbury School of Fine Arts, he has exhibited throughout New Zealand and co-runs ABC, Christchurch’s only artist-run project space, in Addington. His practice is first and foremost a sculptural one but utilizes a range of media, including installation, drawing, photography, and the Internet.

At present his work explores the formal relationship between small-scale sculptural environments and photographic realisations of these ‘scenes’. In his work he is concerned with the artistic, cultural and geographical images and rhetoric that result from the play-off between two superpowers of today, China and America, and what this contemporary paradigm means to an artist positioned in New Zealand, a place under the strong influence of both powers.  He is interested in representations, and use, of the synthetic and the natural in the contemporary human condition.